Communal area cleaning in condos

Cleaning of communal areas in condominiums. Because most condominiums contain sports and other outside community areas, they should be professionally maintained on a regular basis. These are not only decorative or fancy architectural design components. Walkways and sports area flooring also operate as a seal between the floor and the wall, preventing water damage, especially near drywall or wooden structures such as bars or desks, which are very susceptible to water damage.

So, keep an eye out for cracks, holes in the seal, and dents in the flooring, and get them fixed as soon as possible. Countertops and backsplashes are similar to walls and baseboards in a bar or office setting.

Clean these areas thoroughly for mold and look for cracks in caulking or between various floor textures that might allow water to leak into cabinets or beneath structures. Check for tiny leaks, spilled cleaning products, or dampness in the cabinet beneath the sink on a regular basis, in addition to the countertops.

The rates for hiring a professional power wash cleaning business that specializes in condo public spaces are suited to the bigger square footage. House Wash PA, for example, offers several pricing packages to best meet your needs.

Communal area cleaning in condos

According to House Wash PA, they charge depending on their outdoor cleaning packages, which are dependent on the size of your Areas and the number of linked Areas you have. You may then select from a variety of cleaning packages and even add extras like windows and germ cleaner to your session.

Deep Cleaning.

House Wash PA provides eco-friendly cleaning chemicals as well as nearly all of the necessary equipment to clean your condo communal space, apartment walls, or workplace. If you want other areas cleaned, you must add this as an extra service to your cleaning. Please specify this request in your special account instructions if you want us to utilize specific items.

Clean Stainless Steel.

Clean the bar tops or catering areas, such as grills and outdoor pizza ovens. Expired perishable items, as well as non-perishable foods and condiments, should be discarded. We can clean appliances (oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, freezer, trash compactor, and so on) according to your specifications.

If required, clean or replace the cooling coils and water pipes. Replace the water filter in the refrigerator. Clean the waste disposal places, especially the shower area, with the appropriate cleaning agents.

Clean all outdoor countertops, dining tables, and other horizontal, flat surfaces, including drawer overhangs, s tops, and other tiny surfaces. Dust chairs and stools, then clean textiles with a suitable cleaner or microfiber cleaner. Clean the drapes and blinds.

Balancing job, proper diet and exercise, family duties, pets, and everything else in life may be difficult enough without having to clean as well. House Wash PA’s residential cleaning services are designed to help you make better use of your time so you can focus on what’s essential.

We can come as often as you need us to. You may get your home cleaned exactly when you need it thanks to flexible scheduling. One of the unique advantages of the House Wash PA system is that we execute a deep cleaning rotationally. You do not need to arrange a separate deep cleaning of your house because each visit we focus on deep cleaning certain sections of your home.

House Wash PA clean the sliding glass doors to make them look like new!

Sliding glass doors divide condominium balconies from the rest of the space. While this is the most cost-effective method of accessing the balcony and providing inhabitants with a wonderful view, sliding glass doors must also be cleaned on a regular basis so that the view is not obstructed by a layer of dirt.

The accumulated layers of grime on your balcony’s sliding glass doors might impede the view outside if they are highly dirty. Worse, purchasers may believe the grime is a permanent feature of the doors. They may question if it is worthwhile to purchase the property if they would have to repair the doors. Assist them in overcoming their worries by cleaning the sliding glass doors to make them seem brand new!

If your community’s apartments lack washers and dryers and you do on-site laundry, make sure the rooms are completely cleaned, paying special attention to the washer and dryer handles and knobs, as well as the dryer lint screen.

If there are many washers and dryers, use tape or signage to create a clear six-foot demarcation on the floor to discourage people from standing too near when placing their clothing in the washer or dryer. Post the times the laundry will be washed and keep to the schedule so tenants know not to use the laundry during those periods to minimize congestion.

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