This Pandemic has taught us the importance of the little things in life, like the joy of travelling, free of any restrictions from a countrywide or a state-wide lockdown with night curfews. We lost an entire year to the four walls of our house, so what better way to enjoy the wonders of life than travelling in a recreational vehicle (RV)?

Yes, we are well aware that most countries are not yet open for tourists, but all the lockdown bans in the United States have been lifted. Travelling around the United States can serve you with the same feelings of wanderlust as it would if you could travel to exotic countries. Travelling in an RV through the beautiful countryside offers you freedom and flexibility. Additionally, it also provides you with the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, renting an RV is far cheaper than buying an RV and maintaining such a massive vehicle.

PS– It also helps to save your hotel money!

Plane rides take a lot of the fun out of travelling but are convenient when you are flying to a single place, but with an RV, you can plan a plethora of places along the road. This is an excellent opportunity to explore your homeland and discover scenic beauty that does not end up on the list of tourist attractions but is just as beautiful. Just the thought of travelling in an RV might make you calculate how expensive that would be, but you do not need to own an actual RV to pack your bags and set out on the road! All you need to do is rent an RV for a few days or weeks, or months, based on your travel plans.

With this article, I will take you to step by step through the experience of renting an RV and why you should rent an RV should be next on your travel bans!


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Like everything, renting an RV requires some preliminary research on the customer’s end.

If this is your first time renting an RV and you are not yet sure if it would be right for you, not to worry because renting an RV is an accurate way to figure out if it’s the right thing for you and your family. That did not make sense? Let me try it differently: while you are going through websites of companies who rent RVs, reading through their customer experience like reviews and the companies’ own stories and the services they provide, you will understand if you require their services or not. At first thought, it might not seem like your thing, but after reading about it, you might realize that RVing is that thing that is missing from your life!

Keep in mind, RVing is not the cheapest method of travel. Still, it indeed furnishes you with that option to get away from the hectic technological life and enjoy vacations in a completely different way, which other forms of transportation would not be able to match.

Now, once you have decided to go for an RV trip, you need the first map out what type of RV you require, which part of the country you would like to travel to, where you would be staying, and any other pit stops on the way. Planning your RV trip meticulously is the key to maximum enjoyment of your RV rental. 

Here, we will discuss the types of RVs and their various costs.

2.1. Types of RVs:

Winnebago Motorhomes Iconic 1960s RV RentalNow that you know what an RV is and how it can upgrade your vacation style let us go through the various types of RVs.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are broadly of two categories:

  1. Drivable motorhomes: the drivable RVs are known as drivable motorhomes. You can conveniently drive and sleep in a drivable RV. Drivable motorhomes are further divided into three types:
    1. Class A: These motorhomes weigh more than 26.000 pounds and require a special license to drive them on the roads. (Throughout the 50 states, vehicles weighing less than 26.000 pounds do not require a special permit to be operated.) The average weight of class A motorhomes can range anywhere from 13.000 to 30.000 pounds. It is advisable to avoid the heavier ones. Class A motorhomes are similar to coach buses towering at 20 to 42 feet. With the immense size and weight of the vehicle, it is better to avoid the Class motorhomes if this is indeed your first RVing trip. Unless you have a good handle on driving bus-sized vehicles, Class A can prove to be quite a hassle because it makes parking a lot difficult, owing to its size.
    2. Class B: By size, they are the smallest kind of RVs. They are similar to vans and require the least getting-used-to-driving because they resemble vans a lot. Owing to their small size, they sleep a smaller number of people than Class A and have less space for accommodation. They are great for a couple of people than a group of friends or families. 
    3. Class C: Class C is the mid-way between Class A and Class B. They are more significant than Class B in terms of space and size but also easily drivable compared to Class A. They usually weigh around 10.000 to 15.000 pounds and are about 38 feet tall. Class C is very similar to a big truck.
  2. Towable motorhomes: Towable motorhomes are the ones that can be towed at the back of an SUV or a pickup truck. They are the accommodation space rather than the drivable space, i.e., while driving, you are using the SUV or the pickup truck, but when you need to rest or spend the night, you can do so in the towable motorhomes. They come with fifth wheels, utility and folding trailers. Towable motorhomes are even equipped with pop-able canvas sides, offering extra space for sleeping or cooking. Few trailers include showers and toilets as well.

2.2. Where to rent an RV?

  1. Online: The internet is a never-ending space full of resources. You can always look up transportation companies that rent RVs, and you will find many who specialize in the RV market only.
  2. Peer-to-peer rental: Peer-to-peer rental is renting an RV from an individual owner of one. Many Samaritans own an RV but do not have the time and luxury to be vacationing throughout the year, so they rent out their RVs. Some sites where you can meet RV owners and discuss any rental plans are Airbnb, RV Share, etcetera. The sites filter the offers based on both towable and drivable motorhomes.

2.3. How much does renting an RV cost?

Like any other transportation service, RV costs vary based on which time of the year you will be booking it for, how big an RV you require, and which amenities the RV is fitted with.

Some average costs are: (all costs displayed are exclusive of tax payable)

  1. Costs based on travel time:
    1. Day trip: $75 to $350
    2. 7-day trip: $500 to $2.400
    3. One Month trip: $1.750 to $ 10.000
  2. Costs based on type of RVs: 
    1. Class A: $175 to $275 per night
    2. Class B: $100 to $200 per night
    3. Class C: $150 to $200 per night
  3. Travel trailer: $50 to $125 per night
  4. Fifth wheel: $60 to $150 per night
  5. Pop-up trailer: $50 to $100 per night

However, the cost of an RV does not end at where you pay the RV owner or RV company for the vehicle, but it also comes with tax and fuel costs. RVs are not known for their mileage and are quite fuel-consuming vehicles, especially during the summer. In North America, gas prices skyrocket seasonally, as well. It is not much you can do in this area except for research in advance about the cheaper places to stop for gas that will be on your route because most gas stations along the highways can be expensive.

Now that you have chosen which type of RV will suit you based on your group strength, budget and drivable capabilities, you need to decide the vacation destination. As mentioned earlier, the cost of the trip can vary based on the destination. Still, the best thing about an RV trip is that anywhere and everywhere is accessible, like a national park, the beach or some resort for a good and relaxing experience.

Even after deciding all the criteria, budgeting will be an ongoing process because you have to bear the expenses for food, activities, and necessities wherever you go. Also, some places levy a parking charge. So, research well in advance about the campsites or parks or resorts about the fees. A lot of tourist destinations are seasonal, so check out for the functionality of the facilities.


RV Camping for BeginnersRenting an RV can open doors to a fantastic family bonding time for you. Especially for the kids who have been stuck inside the houses during the lockdown, travelling the countryside in an RV can prove to be an exhilarating experience.

Some reasons why you should book an RV:

  1. Customizable experience: Usually, when we head out for a vacation, all the stops are planned, but with an RV, it is like going on a long car drive; instead, you are driving through the country roads. Anywhere and everywhere is a pit stop with unlimited options regarding routes, activities, and other things you can do on a road trip.
  2. Amenities: RVs are usually fitted with accommodation facilities, but some rental companies also offer more amenities (at an extra cost, of course!) such as silverware, generators, propane, bed linens. Paying for generators and propane to the RV rental company can prove to be cheaper than doing so at an RV park or any other parking site. Furthermore, most drivable motorhomes come with a toilet, so it is your home on wheels!
  3. Comes with a handbook: For some of us, RVing is a new experience, so you might be worried that you would not be able to drive the RV, but for that, you can go ahead and take an RV from an RV rental company for a test drive and check your comfort level at driving it. Make sure to check if you can park the RV with ease.
  4. Easy hook-ups: RVs come with a manufacturer’s manual from the RV rental, where you can learn how to hook up to water, electricity or the sewer. If you still have any confusion, you can ask an expert at the dealership to explain it to you. Be wise not to hook up if you are unsure because you can end up blowing out the RV’s electrical system.
  5. Easy handling of waste disposal: The first thing that comes to mind when we think about an RV trip is how gross dealing with the toiler will be. But for that, most RV rentals come with disposable gloves when you are handling the black tank hose to dispose of the waste. Check beforehand if the gloves are available; if not, go ahead and buy some of your own. Dumping the contents of the RV tank takes about five minutes and is reasonably easy to handle.
  6. Easy camping: Another way to save money can be by avoiding hotel costs. Staying in your motorhome is comfortable and also something budget-friendly. Prepare to save money by bringing meals with you or buying food items in bulk in gas stations or other convenience stores on the route where it is cheaper. This can also turn into an opportunity for boondocking. An RV is perfect for boondocking where you have no access to water, electricity or a sewer system.

There are many ways to make your RV trip enjoyable, memorable and fun, and an equal number of reasons why you should take an RV trip with your friends, close ones and families. So, plan and hop on in one of these sweet rides for a camera full of memories and a heart full of trip stories.

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