Band Backdrops – Who Needs Them?

Banner World in the UK manufacture Fabric Band Banners & Stage Backdrops of the Highest Quality

Custom-made and printed band backdrops, background banners, stage scrims, and stage backdrops are available in a variety of sizes. Banner World use a durable, tight-weave knitted, flame retardant polyester cloth to make custom band backdrops. The latest fabric printing technology is used to make beautiful full-colour band backgrounds. They have a solution for you, whether you’re performing in a small pub or a large theatre.

Cheap PVC band banners are more difficult to hang, display, pack, and transport than fabric band backdrops. Fabrics are non-reflective, function well under stage lighting, and are a photographer’s delight. To meet your needs, choose from hems and eyelets, as well as pole pockets. A dye-sublimation print method delivers rich, brilliant colours that highlight your greatest features.

Printed band banners, background banners, stage scrims for bands, and stage backdrops are custom-made to fit your needs. Under any lighting scenario, fabric printed backgrounds produce stunning colour reproduction. Whether your band is performing in a small bar or a large auditorium, these unique backgrounds for bands will fit the bill.

Live Performances To Remember

The live entertainment experience should be one to remember. That’s why Banner World specialise in designing high-impact festival-quality custom backgrounds for bands that can withstand the rigours of the road. Premium fabric band banners are printed on a durable tight-weave knit that is flame retardant without sacrificing appearance.

Printing of custom band banners and backdrop banners

With the artwork you submit or create on their free online design tool, Banner World prints your backdrop banner. If you require a black backdrop, please use a CMYK mix of 10:10:10:100 in your artwork. Bands can utilise quality backdrop banner printing on stage against a solid surface. If you need to block out all light from behind, choose a Blockout Band Backdrop.

Fabric Backdrops of the Highest Quality

Forever Still Band Backdrop

Premium Fabric Band Banners, Backdrop Banners, Stage Scrims, Band Scims, Custom Banners for Bands, and Stage Backdrops are all made from high-quality 210gsm Polyester. Dye Sublimation print technology is used to create background banners.

Fabric band backdrops won’t run or fade thanks to the Dye Sublimation technique. You can clean tiny spots with a moist cloth or machine wash at a low temperature when necessary. Between shows, roll or fold your band backdrops to maintain them in tip-top shape.

Banner World use the most up-to-date printing technology to create our backdrop banners and stage scrims. Professional finishing staff take over once the garments have been printed, carefully adding seams, hems, eyelets, and even pole pockets. Hems and eyelets are included in the standard finishing. Banner World only utilise high-quality plastic eyelets that will not corrode or damage the printed backcloth.

On premium materials, the maximum print width is 3 metres. Panels will be seamed together for backdrops larger than this in one dimension. Alternative materials with a width of up to 5 metres are available. Backdrops that can be used on both sides are also available.


Nothing is more crucial for a new band than getting their name in front of new people. As a result, selecting the ideal printed stage backdrop or band banner is more than a one-time buy.

The correct band banner can lend an impression of professionalism while also promoting your brand and attracting new fans at every show.

The last thing you want if you’re a band visiting different venues every week is for your signs to fail you. Sure, playing to new fans is exciting, but if they can’t remember your name, you won’t see them again.

Over time, low-cost event banners or PVC banners can rip or deteriorate in quality, affecting your image. Fabric band banners, background banners, custom backdrops, and scrims roll up and fold away quickly, ready to be used again.

Do you see a crease? Iron it on a low setting and watch it vanish. In the meantime, their lightweight construction makes them a breeze to pack and take to your next event.

Specifications for the Band Backdrop

  • Polyester cloth with a tough 210gsm weight.
  • BS5867-2: 2008 Type B flame retardant standard
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • For a superb replication, use a dye sublimation print.
  • Anti-reflective and anti-glare finish
  • 30 degrees machine washable
  • Stitching that matches the colour scheme
  • Without a join, the maximum size in both dimensions is 2.6m to 2.9m, depending on the finish.

Prices for Stage Banners

We make knowing stage banner prices very simple for you! To get a quick price, simply input the width and height of your Backdrop in the fields on the Banner World product page. After that, you can add finishing requirements (most of these are included in the price). If you order more than one backdrop, the price will alter since they calculate based on the amount of backdrop material utilised.

In full colour, any design

Banner World print from your artwork and print-ready files, which could include your band logo or another design, as well as photographic or artistic backgrounds. For a small fee, picture banks such as the Adobe Stock Library include thousands of high-resolution backdrop themes and ideas.

Banner World use dye-sublimation technology to print these, which results in eye-popping, brilliant colours and photo-quality images. Fabrics can be printed on rolls up to 3.2m wide to create giant seamless panels, or panels can be combined to create massive one-piece backdrops.

Materials of Superior Quality

The tight weave of Banner World’s regular 210gsm knitted polyester fabric for background banner printing allows them to print at a very high quality. As a result, even the tiniest details will be stunning.

Finishing Services Included

Depending on how you plan to hang the backdrop, choose hems and eyelets or pole pockets.

Eyelets and hem

Banners can be hung with zip ties, cord, or rope.

Pockets for poles

A top pocket is useful for hanging items with a cable or bungee. The pole slot at the bottom of the backdrop is ideal for weighting down and giving tension to your banner.
Backdrops are also finished to fit across lighting rigs, with eyelets in each corner for bungee clips or cable ties to hold them. If you need a compact structure, a Backdrop Stand is available.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Fabric Band Backdrop?

Acoustic TraumaFabric band backdrops are light and easy to move around. You’ll be on your way without any creases if you roll or fold them.
Backdrop getting dirty? It’s nothing that a quick wipe clean won’t take care of. If things get a little out of hand on the road, they’re even machine washable at 30 degrees.
Banner World products are completely safe and come with a certificate of flame-retardant fire safety.
They’re more environmentally friendly and recyclable than their vinyl PVC cousins, so you can rock out knowing you’re helping the Earth.
Best of all, when it comes to free promotion, they pay for themselves.


Band Backdrops of Excellent Quality and Affordability

Have some fantastic ideas but don’t have a lot of cash? It’s no problem. Banner World are the most affordable backdrop printers in the UK. They can print banners and stage backdrops at the most competitive prices while still providing unsurpassed quality. All cloth band banners are totally customisable, with free hem, eyelet, and pole pocket finishing. Plus, regardless of the location, the lightweight, resilient, and flame retardant material makes them simple to hang.

Certificate of Flame Retardancy

This product’s Fire Certificate is unique in the market because Banner World test their fabrics for flame retardancy after printing and finishing. Many venue safety authorities now refuse to accept a generic fire safety certificate that only covers the base fabric. These backdrops have been rigorously tested to meet or exceed BS5867-2: 2008: Type B.

Fabric Band Scrims are a Greener Alternative to PVC Banners

Fabric banners are more environmentally friendly than PVC banners, which are typically discarded in landfills.

Banner World also construct band banners and stage scrims out of conventional PVC or Mesh banner material at a lower cost. Larger cheap band banners are more harder to pack away, despite the lower initial cost. They also take up more storage space and aren’t as attractive for as long.

Banner World Blockout Band Backdrops are made from the same high-quality material as their Premium Backdrops, but with a coating of black resin on the back to block out all light.

Satin backdrops provide a touch of sparkle and shine.

Band Backdrop Design Guide

Make sure your measurements are right.

Please scale your artwork to the final printed band banner’s proportions. A printed backdrop does not require any bleed on the artwork. You can resize your artwork if necessary.

Make sure your CMYK colour settings are right.

Please ensure that your colour settings are set to CMYK. Backdrop banner printers use cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks in a full-colour dye-sublimation printing technique. Files that are provided to be used with an RGB configuration will be automatically updated. The colours on your printed background may appear weak and faded out as a result of this. Before printing, Banner World double-check for this and contact you if necessary.

Eyelet placement on your Printed Band Banners

Please leave a clear area of approximately 50mm inside the banner’s edge. The background colour and photos are both acceptable. Please keep text, small print, and logos as far away from the edges as possible. These objects may be obscured by the eyelets. Unless otherwise specified, hems and eyelets will be added. The use of only eyelets (without the hem) is not recommended because the material may rip.
Unless otherwise noted, eyelets are spaced approximately every 500mm. Eyelets are normally evenly spaced, but sizes of banners may vary slightly.

Band Banners with Pole Pockets

If necessary, Banner World may add pole pockets to your band banners. Please double-check that your artwork meets the measurements of the size you desire. Standard scaffold tubes require a 150mm flat pocket size in order to fit comfortably and without putting too much strain on the pocket seam. Text or critical information should not be included in solid colour/background graphics or patterns.

Principles of Band Banner Design

It’s crucial to think about viewing distances while designing a band banner. Always try to make your artwork as impactful as possible. Contrasting colours will give your banner a lot more oomph than subtle colours.

A single band logo is usually appropriate for a band backdrop or a step-and-repeat design.

Take into account the size of your text. Larger text is easier to read from a distance. Use upper and lower case letters. Instead of all caps, road signs are written in upper and lower case. Your eyes will subconsciously read above and lower (sentence case). Font style… Fonts that are less ornate, stripy, or script function well. Look at the backdrops for the big acts; they usually merely have the band’s name on them.

It’s not a good idea to cram as much information as possible onto your band backdrop banner. Less is more in this case. Keep in mind to use clear regions of space and to offer your design breathing room. The best backdrops are always straightforward and uncomplicated.

Consider incorporating a QR Code into your design that links to your band’s website or social media page.



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